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Our Story

Baby orangutan

We are Giving to Conserve, the jewellery company dedicated to wildlife conservation

Rhino sweatshirt

Founded in 2020, we design unique nature-inspired gifts, and partner up with wildlife organisations

Wild zebra

Every purchase made by you contributes to the protection of endangered species around the world

The earth is facing more challenges than ever before...

...and we aim to prevent this











Charm bracelet


At Giving to Conserve | Endangered Species, we strive to provide stunning and unique products with a cause. Established in August 2020, Giving to Conserve is run by two passionate conservationists with previous experience working globally and in many zoological institutions to protect threatened animals. We have seen first hand the ever growing pressures wildlife around the world is facing and have decided it's time to act!

We design and create our own nature-themed products, including bracelets, earrings and anklets and clothing. This means we can ensure each and every one has been carefully handmade to a high standard.

Our Aims

We have one simple aim...conservation! However, the efforts behind this are much more complicated due to the wide variety of threats each animal faces. Therefore, we have broken it down into steps that we hope to achieve. These are:

  • To fund and support the conservation efforts of wild fauna and flora through collaborating with national and international organisations.

  • To undertake our own conservation initiatives, such as tree planting or beach/river cleans within the UK.

  • To provide widespread education about endangered species globally.

  • To minimise plastic use in our products and maximise sustainable materials (find out more here).

  • To be friendly, welcoming and to supply you with nothing but the best. 

Wild rhino

Triff das Team

Sehr klein, aber sehr leidenschaftlich...

Rebecca Bright


Kai Willis


Rebecca begann ihre Tierkarriere in der Pferdebranche und sammelte über 10 Jahre Erfahrung in Freizeit- und Wohltätigkeitseinrichtungen; Hippotherapie mit Kindern durchführen. Daneben hat sie über 4 Jahre in mehreren zoologischen Sammlungen gearbeitet und hat sich in Südafrika ehrenamtlich für den Artenschutz eingesetzt.

Kai ist leidenschaftlicher Naturschützer und Tierpfleger in Teilzeit. Bevor er Giving to Conserve mitbegründet hat er fast 10 Jahre in verschiedenen zoologischen Sammlungen gearbeitet! Nachdem er internationale Erfahrungen aus erster Hand mit bedrohten Arten gesammelt hat, engagiert er sich dafür, etwas zu bewegen und die unglaublichen Organisationen zu unterstützen, die sich für den Schutz dieser Tiere einsetzen.

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary
Meerkat on person

A Short History

July 2021: Collaboration with

Orangutan Foundation

January 2021: Collaboration with

Cheetah Conservation Fund

October 2020: Collaboration with

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary

October 2021: Collaboration with Aussie Ark & first tree planted  with Eden Reforestation Projects

August 2020: Founding

December 2020: Collaboration with

Caribou Conservation Breeding Foundation

April 2021: Collaboration with

The Sloth Conservation Foundation

June 2022: Carbon offsetting 

begun with Ecologi

August 2021: First national beach clean event

completed with Surfers Against Sewage

African elephant

Present: Change is Coming

We are currently working on some very exciting developments which will not only help us grow, but also increase our support to organisations. To stay up to date and learn more about how we are helping wildlife, follow our Facebook and Instagram accounts @givingtoconserve.

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