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Our Story

Baby orangutan

We are Giving to Conserve, the jewellery company dedicated to wildlife conservation

Rhino sweatshirt

Founded in 2020, we design unique nature-inspired gifts, and partner up with wildlife organisations

Wild zebra

Every purchase made by you contributes to the protection of endangered species around the world

A normal walk in the countryside

Our story began on a sunny Sunday afternoon in the English countryside. As we wandered through the fields and forests, we were surrounded by nature and its true beauty. We were always fascinated with wildlife and the world around us since as long as we could remember, but we thought to ourselves...what are we actually doing to help protect it?

This sparked the idea of us creating a space, where jewellery speaks for itself. We wanted to create gifts that help the cause so close to our hearts - nature itself.


Giving to Conserve | Endangered Species was established in August 2020, and is run by a very small team of just two founders and a few volunteers, who design and create stunning nature-inspired bracelets, necklaces, clothing and more.

jewellery boxes

August 2020: Founding

October 2020: Collaboration with

Care for Wild Rhino Sanctuary

January 2021: Collaboration with

Cheetah Conservation Fund

July 2021: Collaboration with

Orangutan Foundation

October 2021: Collaboration with Aussie Ark & first tree planted  with Eden Reforestation Projects

December 2020: Collaboration with

Caribou Conservation Breeding Foundation

April 2021: Collaboration with

The Sloth Conservation Foundation

June 2022: Carbon offsetting 

begun with Ecologi

August 2021: First national beach clean event

completed with Surfers Against Sewage

Winter 2023: Present

baby koala

We wanted to make a difference

We have seen first hand the ever growing pressures wildlife around the world is facing and have decided it's time to act! Since our founding, we have funded vital conservation work for 13 national and international organisations (six of these being collaborations).

We are currently funding projects at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy, Oceanic Society, The Sloth Conservation Foundation and The Wildlife Trusts. 


To provide nothing but the best to all customers, using high quality materials.


To fund the conservation efforts of wildlife and the habitats that they live in.


To fill you with happiness and bring you even closer to nature knowing you have made a difference.


To use sustainable, environmentally friendly materials and minimise our impact on the environment.

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